gplsc - Grand Prix Legends Setup Comparator


What is gplsc?

Gplsc is the acronym of Grand Prix Legends Setup Comparator, a web-based utility useful for comparing different Grand Prix Legends car setups.

Which carsets are supported?

GPL 1967 original F1, F2 (novice trainer) and F3 (advanced trainer)
GPL 1965 mod F1/F2/F3
GPL 1966 mod F1/F2/F3
GPL 1969 mod F1/F2/F3
Can Am 71 mod F1/F2/F3
Sports Cars mod F1/F2/F3
GPL Thundercars mod F1/F2/F3
Lancia Stratos mod F1/F2/F3

Is it compatible with GRE, GPL Setup Manger and Setup Assistant '65?

Maybe some problem arise with gearset, if it occurs (null values) please send me the setup file to investigate and resolve this issue.

Tell me about the measurement system used.

You can switch between english and metric measurement systems.

How can I compare my setups?

  1. Click Compare in the upper navigation bar.
  2. Click Browse and choose the first setup to compare from your hard disk, then click Open.
    You can add more setups without leaving the interface by clicking Add setup below the input box.
  3. When you are ok with your choices, click the Compare setups button below the input boxes.
  4. Directly from the comparison page you can add/remove setups to analyze.
    If you want to start a new comparison, go to point 1 (all previously loaded setup will be lost).

What is the embed code?

If you want to show your setup in your favorite GPL discussion forum you need the embed code.
For example, if the board supports BBCODE you can copy/paste the embed code between the [img] tags and a dinamically generated image will be served on the fly.
You can preview the image by clicking 'JPG' in the Export options.

Why this page is written in creepy english?

Because I like horror movies! Seriously, if you want to improve this site, please contact me.